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this chakra is all about  finding your voice.

often in our culture (definitely in canadian culture) we are encouraged not to speak up if we can’t say anything nice. this energy center gets blocked when we stifle our words, don’t speak our minds, or lose our purpose… it’s no surprise that the throat chakra is a popular one.

about the throat chakra.

color | blue

sanskrit name | vissudha

meaning | purity

location | throat

element | sound

sense | hearing

stones | soladite, celestite, turqoise

main focus | self-expression & life purpose

represents your right | to express

positive qualities | truth, purpose, expression, artistry, service, synchronicity, communication

malfunction (deficient or excessive) | thyroid or hearing problems, teeth or gum issues, lying, stiff neck or shoulders, lack of purpose, fear of speaking


I know my truth and I share it

I am guided by my deepest purpose

My life is guided by divine synchronicity