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this chakra is all about  love.

the heart chakra is a famous one; said to be the center of the whole system, driving our force of love and life. beyond our love for others, it starts with our love of self. it is also said to be the source of all healing. many yoga poses focus on expanding the heart center because we spend so much of our lives at a desk, caving our shoulders forward and hiding our heart.

about the heart chakra.

color | green

sanskrit name | anahata

meaning | unstruck

location | heart center

element | air

sense | touch

stones | jade, emerald, rose quartz

main focus | love & connection

represents your right | to love

positive qualities | love, trust, healing, equanimity, compassion, connection, surrender

malfunction (deficient or excessive) | asthma, apnea, allergies, immune disorders, lonely, anti-social, thymus issues


I am loving and lovable

I am deeply compassionate

I am a source of healing in the world


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