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our solar plexus is the place of transformation.

physically this is where our food becomes energy, and energetically it is where our ideas become action. we find our sense of selves in the third chakra as well, moving out of the realm of the other and into who we are. I like to think of moving into the third chakra as moving out of our parent’s house for the first time. we are faced with learning about who we are as people, and no longer focused on what other people want.

the issues in this chakra are ones that most of us deal with at different points in our lives. ultimately, knowing who we are is the ultimate learning to foster growth through life.

about the solar plexus.

color | yellow

sanskrit name | manipura

meaning | lustrous gem

location | solar plexus

element | fire

sense | sight

stones | topaz, citrine, tiger’s eye

main focus | power & identity

represents your right | to act

positive qualities | power, confidence, charisma, strong will, humour, leadership, mental clarity

malfunction (deficient or excessive) | digestion issues, kidney or liver problems, timidity, rage, diabetes, ulcers, domination, chronic fatigue, low self-esteem


I can do anything I set my mind to

I am powerful and use power wisely.

I have a good sense of humour and laugh often.


kayt’s story about chakra one.

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