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this chakra is all about  feeling through life.

physically, the sacral chakra takes place right where our reproductive organs are- which in ayurvedic terms represents the connection between our selves and others. it’s the birthplace of all human connection and represents the element water, both of which require a lack of rigidity to survive.

our connections to others are emotional, surrounded powerfully by what we feel we deserve (financially, romantically & spiritually). our ability to be vulnerable and deeply open up these emotions is a second chakra strength. work on this energy center, and some crazy things can happen in your relationships and life.


about the sacral chakra.

color | orange

sanskrit name | svadhisthana

meaning | one’s own place

location | pelvis, sacrum

element | water

sense | taste

stones | coral, carnelian, moonstone

main focus | emotions & intimacy

represents your right | to feel

positive qualities | joy, creativity, adaptability, sensuality, fertility, pleasure, sexuality

malfunction (deficient or excessive) | genital issues, sexual or fertility problems, rigidity, isolation, hip or sacroiliac joint problems, dehydration


I am creative and adaptable

I am a sensual and sexual being

I am able to enjoy the pleasures of life


jacki’s story about chakra two.

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