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the story.

the stones.

in this polished world where our homes are twelve stories in the air or built on concrete foundations, it is easy to forget to connect with the earth. it shouldn’t be a shock that when we hold a gemstone and focus, it stirs something in us.

there is magic in listening to the subtleties of nature. whether you believe in crystals or not, even science would agree that focused attention is powerful. so if holding or wearing a stone helps you focus on something you want to heal, then awesome. if not, then think of them as pretty little things displayed by prettier men to adorn your earlobes. no pressure.

the men.

simplicity to us means a general commitment not to take things too seriously. we feature men on our site because we think it’s hilarious (and we did the whole naked woman thing already). plus, if you google ‘sexy,’ you’ll notice mostly women show up in the image bar. it’s 2014, people. not fair. some of us find men sexy, too.

it’s also worth mentioning that the men featured on this site are far from simple. in addition to the obvious, they are awesome human beings with open minds who laughed equally hard when we pitched the idea. so feast your eyes. these guys deserve to be shown off.

the story.

i decided at 32 to restart my life. i sold my home, left a relationship, quit my job of 7 years. i got in a car and drove across the country searching for myself. and everywhere i stopped on the journey, i picked up a rock. there were rocks in my pockets, rocks in my bags, and rocks in every nook & cranny of that car. my friends called me crazy but i wanted to take a little piece of the earth with me. holding each one, i felt all over again what it was like to be in that place. i never wanted to forget it. that trip changed me.

when i got home, i needed to focus my attention a little while while i adjusted. i had collected amethyst along the way, so making earrings seemed like the thing to do. it started with gifts for friends, and then this happened. and sure, i could just make earrings. but i’m a child-like-human who giggles and thinks of half naked dudes every time i hear the word ‘stud’. so why not?

-jordana wisdom-keeper