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let me tell you about corinne k.

this girl has followed her heart with boatloads of surrender and trust.

no one has as much to say about the heart center than corinne, and when I first told her about this series, she claimed the fourth chakra so fast I almost spun around. naturally I invited her to come along with simple studs to wanderlust festival this month so our visitors could get a little reiki/healing/coaching/spiritual advice in the shop.

watch on as corinne shares why self-love is important to her, and her top tips on how you can incorporate some of that loving into your own life.

big love,





about corinne.

Teaholic. Aunt. Writer. Jogger. Meditator. Soul Healer. Change Catalyst. Sister. Friend. Sociologist. Music-lover. Painter. Light Worker. Jay-Z fan. Daughter. Seeker. Lover. Writer. Gin + Tonic Fan. Optimist. Pisces. Entrepreneur. Condo-dweller. Urban hippy. Speaker. Cat owner. Energy Healer.

I refuse to define myself with a single title. I’m more than a job description. I don’t fit into a box. I can’t be described in a single word. I’m the sum of all my experiences.

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