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I read an article last week that got me thinking. the perspective was that radical self-love is a thing of luxury only afforded to those of affluence and the choice to self-love yourself into life change was absurd for those in poverty.

while I never preach that someone creates their own circumstances, I do believe that we have the power to create perspective around our circumstances.

the baseline for a lot of self-work (be it through psychology, coaching, spirituality or other forms of personal development) is to love yourself. in order to make big changes in our lives, we have to believe we are worthy of that change. while self-love, gratitude, and forgiveness alone won’t alter our circumstances, the practice of these principles can lead the way to positive and change-provoking actions. simply put, in order to work our asses off we first need the confidence to believe our actions will pay off.

a year ago, I stumbled on a few books and lectures that claimed self-love was the foundation for all positive change. my intuition told me to listen, so I blindly followed the exercises and affirmations, filled with hope yet not entirely sure it would work.

this practice of self-love and trusting myself caused a ripple in my life. I stopped living for other people, and began to make decisions based on what I needed for me. some of my decisions were rash, but as a result my life is richer than it ever has been.

self-love doesn’t mean treating ourselves to a fancy outfit or a pedicure. it’s doing what fills us on a deep, heart-beating, soulful level. for me, that means being true to my word, dancing, singing, having meaningful conversations, alone time or being in nature; none of which cost money.

sure, many self-help gurus have over-corrected to make a point, but self-love is not a luxury afforded only to the upper class; it’s foundational for our happiness.


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