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this energy center is all about the physical. how we move and how we connect with the ground.

the root chakra celebrates our connection to the world around us. in plants, the┬ápart that reaches out and connects to the soil, the place where growth begins… is the root. naturally, this chakra is all about grounding.

physically, this chakra exists from your tailbone downward, all the way to the bottom of your feet.

read on to learn the representations of this chakra. if it resonates, hop on over to the shop to check out the stones associated with this energy center.


about the root chakra

color | red

sanskrit name | muladhara

meaning | root support

location | perineum, base of tailbone

element | earth

sense | smell

stones | garnet, hematite, tourmaline

main focus | physical existence

represents your right | to have

positive qualities | stability, vitality, loyalty, prosperity, patience, tenacity, career success

malfunction (deficient or excessive) | bowel, blood or bone disorders, obesity, anorexia, anxiety, spaciness, financial issues, chronic fear, materialism, instability


I am grounded, safe and secure

I make a good living doing what I love

I am stable, strong and healthy

ashley’s story about chakra one.

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